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Monday 9/17/18

Hi Dean,

Would you put a notice on the CHS site please - our CHS 1954  65th Class Reunion is being planned for Saturday, Aug 24, 2019 in Clinton, Iowa,  and the All Class reunion for CHS is being planned for Sunday, Aug 25, 2019 in Clinton also.  Any of our classmates who have moved in the last ten to 15 years is urged to call Natalie Powell Swanson at 847-767-6942 or email at Natalie1936@AOL.com their new address.  A ' save the date'  with more details will be coming in the next month or two.  We have lost so many from our class - more than half!  We urge you all to come as it could be our last one!


Ron talked with Jeannette Peterson and she confirmed that the All Class Reunion would be Aug 25!   I hope you and your wife will be able to make it this next year.


Thanks for your help!


Saturday 6/4/16
Hi Natalie,
So sorry to hear about Don.  I know it is a very sad time for you and your family.  I am on a trip now but will be happy to post your message on the web site when I get home. Take care of yourself.  A big hug for you...  With our love,  Julie and Dean

Wednesday 6/1/16
Just to let you know that my husband, Don, passed away on May 22, 2016.  As you know, he suffered from dementia as well as a heart condition.  He was viewed with his United Airlines Captain's uniform on and had his funeral service with military honors. 


Sunday 10/12/14

Hi,  Sorry I was slow posting this as we were away from home for two weeks.  I am still looking for additional pictures.  I got one from Suellen Olsen and I posted it to the site.  PLEASE  send material as John requested.  Our numbers are dwindling and each one is remembered.  I reminisce often about our High School years.  Love to all and KEEP IN TOUCH.  Dean

Saturday 10/4/14

Hi , Our reunion committee will be getting together soon as a wrap up to our reunion. I hope to have a 65th. We will see what everybody thinks. We would like everyone to keep us up to date if you have a change of address or if you know of someone who has passed away. Just put it on our website or email it to me at. jogo1936@gmail.com.  Have a great holiday season. John
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Saturday 9/20/14

Sorry to miss all of you.  Hope you had fun.  Too much going on in RI to escape to Iowa.  Does anyone know If I can buy a program or class list or if  there are pictures on the net somewhere.  I would like to see the old gang.   Bet to all Don

Thursday 9/18/14

Boy, I really screwed it up this time............................I thought our 60th is/was the first weekend in Oct.  I would not have been able to attend as I've been having problems with my lower back and it's a challenge to get around.  I do, but have to be careful.  I get around quite well w/a walker but have to take it slow...............if you can imagine me taking things slowly, but I am learning.  I had intended to write a note to all of you before the reunion and let you know what was going on in this corner of the world, and wish you all well & congratulations.  Ozz called me a week ago today and wondered how I was doing.  We chatted for a bit & then I made the  statement that the reunion was coming up soon........................& she says,"Queenie, it was last weekend and we missed you.   GREAT BIG OOOOOOOPS!

Hope those of you who could make it had a great time.  Thanks for sending the pictures, Tom.  Thanks for you phone call Ozz, and thanks to all of you for your cherished friendship.

Love, Queenie


Monday 9/8/14


Hi Dean,

I just returned yesterday from our 60th class reunion.  It was very enjoyable even though there were only about 40 there.  I was sorry not to see you there.  Everyone kept remarking on how it just couldn't be possible that 60 years had passed already!  I felt the same way.  There was no program except that a microphone was passed around so that everyone could tell something about their life and interests for the last 60 years.  Without advance notice, it was a little difficult to try to pick out the high points to comment on but everyone actually did a good job and it was very interesting.  They did take a class picture so I hope someone will send it in to this site so everyone can see it.  John Goos , Virginia Heidt and their committee did a great job.  I'm sure everyone appreciated the amount of work it takes to put a reunion together.  I know I did as I have worked on two family reunions of up to 201 people for many years.  I believe John announced that we have lost 66 members of our 204 to this date.  We are at an age where it is no longer surprising to lose a classmate!   I sat at a table with Nancy Weih(sorry I can't remember her married name), Joan Guidebeck, Bill Litchfield, Ron Andresen, and  Marilyn Stamp.  It was a fun table with Bill Litchfield keeping us on our toes and in stitches!   We had gorgeous weather this weekend which I enjoyed while I was 'out and about' on Saturday.  There was talk of making plans for a 65th which I hope happens.

I hope others will post something on this site once in awhile!  John announced the site's address for everyone.

Thanks for your efforts in keeping the site active.


Sunday 9/7/14

We had a great reunion. Thanks to those who came. The ones who didn't were missed. Off to the all school reunion today.- John, Chuck, Joan, Tom & Bev, Jim & Gin; Sent from my iPad

Thur. 9/4/14

Dear Friends and Classmates,

    I am sorry we will not be able to attend the Class of 54's 60th Reunion which is certainly a landmark occasion.  I wish we could join you to celebrate and reminisce.  Best wishes to everyone and many thanks to the committee for their organizational work.  It really is appreciated.

    Enjoy the weekend.




PS  I am sending this to those classmates who are on my email address list.  Please extend my regrets to others in attendance. 

Thur. 9/4/14

Hi All, We are very disappointed that we cannot attend.

Julie had back surgery in August and we were hoping we would be able to attend.  The Doctor told us not to travel for a while.  The recovery is much slower than we expected. I should have posted sooner but we were playing it one day at a time.  We are really kept busy as she can’t drive. I hope someone will take some pictures and send them for the web site; it is still there but with no new items or news it seems to just drift into the ether.  Dean and Julie

Thur. 6/12/14

Hi, Working on finding those classmates we have lost track of since last reunion. Also want to encourage every CHS grad to tell any grad of any year to come to the Sunday All Class get together at Casa Grande. Fun to see grads from other classes.  Tom & Bev Havens

Sun. 6/8/14

Hi, We are slow getting reservations in for our 60th. Please get them in by July 1st. Come and have a good time.   John

Fri. 5/23/14

Hi -  I have heard that our class is having a get-to-gather this fall for 60 years... I have not gotten a letter and I guess you have my old address on Stanhope... Will someone please Post the details here such that others who have moved will get the word.  I hope to be there and to get some pictures to post to the site.  I found a CD with pictures from the 50th Reunion.  Please forgive me for taking 10 years to post them.  Time sure flies when we age.  We hope to see most of you this fall.  Everything is doing well in Alabama.


Sun. 4/6/14


I am now retired from my 19 years of volunteer fun; teaching senior citizens computing.  Now I am taking up a new hobby of making and “trying” to maintain Web Sites.  We are still traveling and are looking forward to a trip to Chicago in May, Maine in June, and then to Clinton for the 60th class reunion.  Hope to see many or all of you there.  I am not a fan of Classmates, too much commercialism for me.  I hope that many of you will stay in touch via e-mail or by posting on this Class bulletin board. Just click on POST above to e-mail the Bulletin Board.

Dean C.

Fri. 12/20/13

Hello All, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  I have now retired from my volunteer job as coordinator and instructor at the Senior Center’s Computer Learning Center.  I enjoyed nearly 19 years there and will miss all of the great people I shared my life with.  As I now have more time I will continue working on my personal Web sites, I find this my personal replacement for “Social Media”.  Please pass along the Web Address to other classmates such that we may stay connected.  I am now using a new approach in an attempt to make my sites friendlier to new technology.  The POST link above is an e-mail link to me.  Just send notes like an e-mail to deanchri@hiwaay.net.  Thank you, and please stay in touch.

Dean C.  chs54

Thur. 1/24/2013

HI’ John Goos here. We hope to have something for our 60th. The committee will get together in the spring. We get together two or three times a year and go for lunch. Betty Mathias Gladhill from our class just passed away. We need more posting to keep in touch. Sent from Windows Mail

Mon. 10/29/2012

Sad News..Our classmate Joan ( Utroska) McAndrews has died. She lived in Oklahoma near much of her family ,and where her mother lived till her passing. She also lost a daughter not long ago. her cousin Martha (Utroska) Truax wanted us to pass this news along to her classmates.

Tom & Bev havens

Sun. 3/10/2012

Hi All,
These pages are still active.  This is really just a BLOG, it was made before they called them Blogs.
I would really like to hear from anyone who looks at these pages... Your response will be posted
here.  Dean

Mon. 9/21/2009 10:16:36 PM

Hi Larry,
Thanks for the picture. We just got back from Victoria and the Northwest. We drove to a family reunion in Iowa and then went up through Montana to Calgary, Canada and back through Seattle, Salt Lake, and St. Louis... We love to drive. We are going to the 55th in two weeks. I hope to get some pictures to post then. Thanks again for your interest. Dean

Thur. 9/17/2009 10:32:09 AM

Hi Dean, Not sure if you are still the keeper of the CHS web page. Have to admit, I have not accessed it for a long time. If I remember correctly, the Class of 54 is planning another reunion in the near future. Becky (Fullick) and I will not be able to attend but thought we could at least send a recent photo of Becky and me taken on a Columbia River Boat cruise. We were celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with a trip to the northwest. Hope the attached picture will come through (it is a little dark). All the BEST to the Class of 54!! Becky and Larry  (See picture in current lives)

Wed. 8/26/2009  10:32 PM 

Hi Dean,

Well, I am disappointed that no one has posted their news!   I keep checking!  

Unfortunately, we will be unable to attend the class reunion in October as we are going on a Panama Canal cruise.  I will be looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing how the reunion went. 

By the way, we are great grandparents for the first time!  Our great grandson was born July 27 and is named Bailey Paul.  He has sandy red hair so maybe we will get another redhead in our family finally!  Now I am really beginning to feel old!  

I had lunch with Marilyn Stamp yesterday.  We had not gone to lunch in about a year because  both of us had busy schedules. She only lives about 20 minutes from me.  It was very nice to catch up with her and we had a long leisurely lunch!  

I continue to keep busy with my quilting, crocheting, playing the organ and of course, my genealogy.  Computers are wonderful as it allows me to stay in contact with cousins from all over the world without waiting for 'snail mail'.  Even tho more and more records are now being posted on the internet, I have to admit that I still like to visit the cemeteries, libraries and Federal Archives. 

Thanks, Dean, for keeping this site going!  


Sun. 5/17/2009 4:51 PM

I am still looking for pictures and news from the class of 54. Some of us were able to help David and Nancy celebrate their 50th Anniversary in Davenport on May 2. Pictures of the party are posted under current lives. There were 9 classmates there. Unfortunately Jim and Virginia Heidt as well as Tom and Bev Havens left before I got their picture. Ron Buelow, David and Walter Smith and their wives were there. Please let me know if you have any thing to post. It is always good to keep up with good friends from our high school days. Virginia is planning a get together for a weekend on Oct. 2 - Oct. 4. See 55 Reunion tab for details. I guess the only way I can get pictures is come and take them. See you all there.

Thu 4/9/2009 6:55 PM

What a great surprise... After a long dry spell it was great to get a post, thank you Natalie.  I was considering giving up on the site but now we'll keep it going and see if anyone else ever looks at it.  We need pictures and other news to keep things fresh.

As for news from Alabama, I am still running a Computer Learning Center here in Huntsville..  www.hsvclc.org  We keep about 8 instructors and have a series of 10 different classes.  Each term last 6 weeks.  I am also supporting another not-for-profit organization by serving on their World Service Board, it is Families Anonymous.  We are hosting the World Convention here on Memorial Day week end.  This has turned out to require more time and energy than I imagined.  I also maintain their web site.

In all my spare time Julie and I love to travel, and we are getting good at it.  I hope that Tom and Bev are more careful about their adventures, the picture of them on the Zip Line made us decide to try it.  Real sport after the first few platforms.  We spent January in the Patagonia region of South America.  Found a Zip Line down the side of the Osorno volcano near Puerto Montt, Chile. It was a great trip, visited 4 countries and the Falkland Islands.  As a descendant of sea faring Scandinavians I never dreamed that I would get my shellback certificate for going around Cape Horn.  We saw a lot of glaciers and penguins. We also spent a few days at Igauzu Falls and some time on a sheep ranch.

If others will cooperate and provide pictures and news I will try to keep the CHS 54 site fresh and newsworthy.  I enjoy making and maintaining Web Sites.  I conduct several Web Publishing workshops each year... If I don't stay active I will soon forget how it is done.  We are going to Iowa in August for a Family Reunion at Honey Creek Resort State Park, Rathbun Lake, Iowa.  There had better not be any ice or snow then.

As ever Dean

Wed 4/8/2009 1:20 PM


I don't know about anybody else, but I check about once a month to see if anything new has been added to the Clinton High site.  I am as guilty as everyone else because I never post anything.  However, I do enjoy hearing about other's lives and what's been happening.  I hope we don't have to wait to post only tragic events.  

With that in mind, I would like to share with you that we are going to be great grandparents for the first time in August!   We are delighted!   It doesn't seem possible that I was 73 in January this year, and our oldest grandson is 24.   The older I get, the quicker the years fly by! 

We stayed home in Illinois this winter for the first time in about 15 years, instead of going south.  It seems it was a poor choice as we had one of the worst winters ever.  But this winter too, has gone quickly by and now the crocus and daffodils are peeking up with promises that surely warmer weather will be upon us soon. We are already planning our trip for next winter, beginning with a fall cruise to the Panama Canal and then taking our motorhome to Florida for the winter. 

I have been visiting with Billie Ruth(Ray) McDonald online for several years now.  She and her hubby live near the San Diego area.  We grew up in Camanche together and it has been fun reminiscing with her. 

I hope some of you will post what you have been up to lately - good and bad! 

Natalie (Powell)Swanson

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